Ivan on Tech Joins Dmany as Strategic Advisor! - Dmany
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Ivan on Tech Joins Dmany as Strategic Advisor!

We are proud to welcome Ivan Liljeqvist, also known as Ivan on Tech, as our strategic advisor at Dmany!  

Ivan is a passionate Swedish developer, entrepreneur, and founder of Moralis and host of the popular YouTube channel, Ivan on Tech, which focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, and with more than 528’000 subscribers!

🎓 His Web3 company, Moralis, a leading crypto data provider, empowers developers to build great user experiences and drive engagement, growth, and revenue in their applications through Moralis scalable APIs and RPC nodes. 

Moralis Web3 data tools bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3, helping Dmany stay at the forefront of #SocialFi.

🌏 Ivan’s rich experience, industry knowledge and vision in Web3 will be crucial in advancing Dmany’s mission as a leading SocialFi infrastructure provider

Welcome aboard, Ivan!

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