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KOALA AI unleashes its community power with Dmany!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Koala AI, where Koala AI will transform its community to power growth with community-building platform Dmany.


KOALA AI is a fun project on the Solana blockchain. KOALA AI seeks to encourage and bring new investors to the Solana Blockchain with 0% buy/sell tax. They are also aimed at creating a safe and secure trading space, so all liquidity will be burned once it is added to the contract.


The goal of KOALA AI is to build a strong community for developing this project around its community token. While Dmany is a perfect choice for KOALA AI to create and grow an active and dedicated community, increase transactions, visibility in Web3 space and many more.

Unlike other platforms, Dmany focuses on quality contributions. Quests on app.dmany.io are designed to generate practical and valuable input from community members, ensuring meaningful engagement.

Quests & Rewards on app.dmany.io 🐇

Contribute to Koala AI’s success, enhance your skills and get rewards for your contributions. 

Reward Pool – 2000 USDC $

Hurry up to help KOALA AI  & claim your share! 

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