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Token Trek – Success Case of Dmany Social Infrastructure built for Radix Ecosystem

Token Trek for Community Engagement & Project Growth within the Radix Ecosystem

Just 1 month after its launch, Token Trek — a white-label platform powered by Dmany’s Social Infrastructure — has significantly boosted community engagement and driven the growth of Web3 projects within the Radix ecosystem. Already, 23 projects have embarked on their growth journeys with us, transforming their communities into thriving economies.

Given these early results, it’s worth exploring the impressive impact that Dmany’s Social Infrastructure has on the entire Radix ecosystem.

🏆 Success in Numbers

33 K+ users on Token Trek – over 63 K contributions – 1 month

Only in 1 month after the launch users submitted over 63 K contributions bringing practical value to projects through creating engaging content, testing dApps, managing bot interactions, or facilitating token swaps from XRD to project’s native tokens.

Growth on Social Media Channels

The contributors of Token Trek have also shown tremendous enthusiasm and engagement, especially notable on social platforms.

Telegram of Radix DLT has experienced a remarkable increase in engagement and community involvement, showing a remarkable 50% growth.

Similarly, Twitter presence has also seen substantial growth, with the number of followers rising from 222 K to 245 K —a robust growth of 10%.

2-3 Times Transactions Surge 🚀 

In just 4 days after launching Token Trek (TT), daily transactions on Radix jumped from an average of 6K to peaks of 12K, 16K, 14K, and 17K, benefiting Radix by demonstrating increased network activity, enhancing platform utility, attracting more developers and users, and potentially boosting liquidity and market capitalization.

Adam Simmons, CSO of Radix DLT, shares his insights on employing Dmany Social Infrastructure:

Key Takeaways 🔑 from Token Trek Powered by Dmany:

High Engagement:

Over 63 K quests completed by 33K contributors, providing practical value to projects of the entire Radix ecosystem. Experienced a substantial boost in community engagement and social media presence.

Diverse Contributions, Real Value:

Users create engaging content, test dApps, manage bot interactions, and facilitate token swaps.

Significant Transaction Surge:

Daily transactions on Radix increased dramatically from an average of 6K to peaks of 12K, 16K, 14K, and 17K from the first days.

Why Choose Dmany? 🐇

Dmany takes a unique, quality-based approach to community building. Unlike other platforms that rely on simple “like and follow” tactics, Dmany encourages users to create valuable content like infographics, memes, articles, tutorials, videos, test dApps, bot interactions, swapping tokens and many more. This not only unleashes the community’s full potential but also brings out their best ideas and talents, making your project shine.

What sets Dmany apart?

Social Infrastructure Framework. Dmany provides projects with their own white-label platforms, allowing contributors to focus entirely on your company or the whole ecosystem without any distractions. Plus, AI-powered tools ensure that all tasks are high-quality and bot-free, maximizing your ROI and rewarding only genuine contributions.

Dmany is versatile. With support for multiple blockchain networks, we offer automatic, non-custodial reward distribution via smart contracts, seamlessly integrating with various ecosystems. Dmany’s comprehensive social and on-chain APIs make it easy to track and reward user interactions accurately. 

To top it off, our gamified quests keep your community engaged and excited, fostering higher retention rates and stronger bonds through fun and rewarding experiences.

Thus, by adopting Dmany’s Social Infrastructure approach, every project — regardless of size or stage — can effectively build and maintain a vibrant, engaged community which is genuinely interested in empowering a company’s product, thereby unleashing their best ideas and talents to drive success.

Why Power Your Project with a Community Built on Dmany’s Whitelabel Solution? 🌱

Unlike traditional engagement platforms that aggregate numerous projects in one place, Dmany offers a white-label solution that empowers your project to have its own dedicated platform

Dmany’s white-label platform is designed specifically for B2B2C projects, catering to larger or well-established Web3 initiatives. Each platform is owned and managed by a single Web3 project or the entire L1 or significant L2 blockchain ecosystem

Tailored Focus and Engagement

A whitelabel platform offers an exclusive environment that ensures that contributors are focused solely on your ecosystem and projects, free from distractions. As a result, it improves your community engagement and loyalty, driving meaningful interactions and contributions.

Customizable and Exclusive

This level of control and personalization helps in fostering a unique and cohesive community experience. The excellent examples are and Token which provide a customized space for their vibrant communities.

Scalable and Interconnected Ecosystem

The scalability and interconnectedness of ecosystem projects maximize cross-platform growth and collaboration, enhancing the overall ecosystem’s strength

By employing Dmany’s Social Infrastructure, your community will be genuinely committed to promoting your project, bringing their best ideas and talents to the forefront. This strategic advantage ensures your company not only grows but excels in the competitive Web3 landscape. All above mentioned, choosing Dmany’s white-label platform powered by its robust strong infrastructure provides a focused, customizable, and scalable solution for building and nurturing vibrant communities that drive your project’s growth and success.🚀 Be a frontrunner in your industry with a fast-growing and active community on Dmany. Get in contact with us today!

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