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At Dmany, everyone who has passion and skills can contribute doing quests for web3 projects, and get crypto rewards

How to get rewards?

on Dmany Platform
in between Quests
about your favourite web3 projects
with your skills and talents
lots of rewards

What are

Quests are tasks created by the multiple WEB3 projects inside the Dmany platform, which you can complete to contribute to a project.
Every Quest submission will be evaluated to check its quality by a group of expert validators from the project or from the Dmany team
Look forward to create video tutorials, video reviews, video explanations, infographics, memes, project review articles, comparison articles, test net reviews, and more!

Why contributors
love dmany?

Get Rewards with Confidence

Many Quests reward you directly based on the quality of your contributions, so that you can get crypto without risking your savings.

your Talent

You will learn many new WEB3 mechanics as well as sharpen your creative & logic skills, as most Quests will involve the use of your talents.

your Network

Special Quests will require you to collaborate with other contributors to build bigger things together, expanding your network of WEB3 professionals.

Get hired by WEB3 projects

Projects are continuously looking for talented WEB3 enthusiast. By reaching the higher positions on the leaderboard you will catch the project's team attention.

Never compete against Bots/Spammers

Dmany is a bot-free platform, therefore, you will never compete against bots who farm & steal most rewards unfairly, while you do honest work. Dmany is all about rewarding Quality, not Quantity.


"I've had the pleasure of exploring numerous community engagement platforms, and it's clear Dmany stands out" ...

Benjamin Rauch
(Co-Initiator Jellyverse)

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"By adding the Q Protocol into the Dmany community platform , I can confidently say that it has been an incredibly" ...

Florian Drewes
(Global Validator & Infrastructure Lead)

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"Just for some background information, we had previously worked with another quest platfrom but were highly dissatisfied with the outcome." ...

Lukas Steffen
(Co-Founder at Ociswap)

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"Dmany has created a wonderful way to engage and reward our Orion deCEX trading community through their Quests platform." ...


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Active Quests

Dmany "X" Squad

  • Writing
  • Engagement
  • Onboarding
Get rewarded up to:
  • token 30 XP

Time for the many MeMes!

  • Memes
  • Image
  • Gif
Get rewarded up to:
  • token 3 USDT
  • token 30 XP

Explain Dmany in a short video

  • Video
  • Engagement
  • Education
Get rewarded up to:
  • token 15 USDT
  • token 150 XP

Educate & Grow

  • Image
  • Infografic
  • Learning
Get rewarded up to:
  • token 5 USDT
  • token 50 XP

Tester's Quest

  • Testing
  • Onboarding
  • Engagement
Get rewarded up to:
  • token 1 USDT
  • token 30 XP

Mirror of Truth

  • Onboarding
  • Engagement
  • Profile Picture
Get rewarded up to:
  • token 20 XP
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