Crowd marketing platform for Crypto projects
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Unlock the power of your community.

Dmany shifts your members from passive to active, turning them into brand advocates and driving growth.

Our innovative platform ensures your marketing efforts empower and engage your community, maximizing ROI & loyalty.

How it works?

1. Empower with
Content & Education
Your community becomes a beacon of growth through user-generated content and education, driving long-term success.
2. AI-Powered
Ensure engagement quality with AI validation, keeping your community's interactions meaningful.
3. Global
With MICA compliance, scale worry-free across borders. Tokenized Incentives: Deepen engagement with our unique token model, aligning your success with community activity
4. Scalable
Leverage our cutting-edge tech for tailored, scalable solutions to meet your project's needs

See how Dmany
empowers your

Crypto ADS

Dmany provides a wide range of advertising services for blockchain platforms in the field of crypto projects.

Crypto SEO

Dmany provides specialized SEO services for blockchain platforms in the field of cryptocurrency projects.

Cryptocurrency Development

Dmany provides expertise in turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software for growing businesses.

DeFi Marketing

Dmany provides comprehensive marketing services for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects

Discord Marketing

Dmany provides a variety of services in Discord for crypto projects. Our team specializes in creating and maintaining

ICO Marketing

Dmany provides a full range of marketing services for crypto projects conducting Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

IDO Marketing

Dmany provides a full range of marketing services for projects launching and conducting Initial DEX Offering (IDOs)

Web3 Design

Provide high quality services to create unique designs for cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects

Web3 Marketing

Dmany provides comprehensive marketing services for web3 platforms in the field of cryptocurrency projects

All in all, we build communities where participants get genuinely invested and build up the projects they love.

In a system that stimulates and rewards quality & loyalty over everything else. The outcome is a strong, resilient community which advocates for your brand.



We offer our services for both, established web 3 projects, and new promising projects through our “Initial Engagement Launch”, IEL, mechanism. Additionally we can support new web3 startups with legal advice, Tokenomics expertise, and the option to IE-Launch a token with our Scaleswap Launchpad.

Be ready to say goodbye to:
  • Uneducated holders
  • Uncommitted investors
  • Legal uncertainty
  • Chaotic Marketing
  • Unsustainable Growth
  • Scammers
  • Misallocated Spending

Next-gen Marketing

dmany goes beyond any conventional marketing strategies, ditching annoying Ads for digital amplification of targeted word of mouth.

Super Admin

We defined a new generation of campaign management processes, with seamless task, resources, and contributor profile -management features for maximum quality assurance.

Decision-Ready Data

We meticulously planned the integration and utilization of data across every screen to empower our WEB3 projects with real-time, relevant information for decision-making.


Algorithmic quality validation will be implemented in the pre-validation stage to filter contributions before manual expert reviewing. This efficient deployment will ensure higher scalability.

Flexible Pricing That Grows With You

Pricing Tiers

Choose from a range of flexible pricing options tailored for you

No Long-Term

Flexibility to adapt and evolve with your project’s needs


Optimize campaigns in real-time with actionable analytics

Ready to Elevate Your Project?

Join Dmany today and turn your community into your most valuable asset. Get started now and see your project reach new heights.



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