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Release notes

The first month of 2024 has passed, but we’re wasting no time and making the most of it to make the Dmany community app experience more enjoyable and engaging.  Here’s a rundown of the exciting updates:

1. 📧  CSV Export to Emails – Now users can export their Quest data in CSV format directly to their email with just a click.

2. 💬  Direct User Outreach for Admins – Admins can connect directly with users for more personalized interactions, addressing inquiries or concerns.

3. 🎁 Custom Reward Distribution – Enhanced control over rewards distribution with custom settings, allowing for tailored rewards aligned with specific objectives.

4. 📂 File Uploading Precision – Experience smoother file uploading processes with some improvements to the process, including anti-virus checks to ensure user safety.

5. 🏆 Reward Check Automation – Reward management is simplified with the convenient “mark all as rewarded” button, facilitating quick checks for missing wallets and validating users for rewards.

6. 💼 Enhanced User Wallet Visualization – The improved wallet interface makes it easier to track and manage where to receive rewards and check for incoming transactions.

7. ❓FAQ on the Website – Additionally, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions from our Dmany community and provided clear answers in our detailed Frequently Asked Questions section on the website.

At Dmany, we’re committed to constantly improving the community experience within the app. Explore these updates today and share your thoughts and suggestions on the app experience with us. We are happy to hear your feedback!

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