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Dmany’s Referral System

The Power of Connection

Increase Your Rewards with Dmany’s Referral System! 

We are pleased to unveil a significant enhancement to the Dmany platform — the introduction of an advanced Referral System. Now, you have the opportunity to passively receive rewards from the successes achieved by your referrals, spanning XP, USD, tokens, or allocation rights.

How does it work?

The process is streamlined—share your personalized referral link with your network, friends, and colleagues; everyone is welcome! 

And this is how you get the link:

1. Go to My referrals

2. Introduce your email

3. Start sharing!

When your direct referrals (1st level) – submit minimum 1 quest and receive rewards or XP for a successful quest completion (from a project participating in our referral program), you automatically pocket a generous 0.5% of their rewards. Additionally, you gain 0.05% of the rewards of users invited by your referrals (2nd level referrals). Invite your circle to become part of the dynamic Dmany community, and watch your rewards grow effortlessly.

Referral Tracking

But that’s not all! With our user-friendly platform, you can easily track and monitor the success of your referrals, giving you full transparency in your network’s achievements. 

Kindly notice, that a user count as referred, when he signed up and successfully completed at least one quest!


If you’re interested not only in inviting new users, but also influencers, projects and maybe investors, good news for you, you have the opportunity to be rewarded for any initiative for your contribution to Dmany. To learn more about it, please сheck out Dmany SUPER HERO Quest at the Dmany app to know how to get started.

Are you ready to enhance your Dmany experience?

Join our referral program, spread invitations within your circle, and together, let’s embark on this rewarding journey!

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