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Dmany x Legion: Explore Our Latest Partnership, Quests & Rewards!

We’re pleased to announce a partnership between Dmany and Legion, where Legion will strengthen its community and web3 marketing strategy using the Dmany app.🐇

Legion offers private investments for all through its web3 Investment & OTC marketplace, boasting a revolutionary 0% commission structure and fortified confidence in secure crypto investments. 💰🔒

As a community-driven initiative, Legion prioritizes security, user experience, and continuous improvement to shape the future of OTC trading while offering unparalleled investment opportunities through its NFT Collection.

Legion is inviting the active community to tackle exciting and learning quests at  Dmany 🐇and become a part of Legion’ s growth history. 

 As a token of theour appreciation, contributors will unlock a reward pool in $LEGION tokens, valued at $0.012 each at Public Price, with 100% unlock at TGE.  🥁 That’s a whopping $10,000k USD budget allocated for quests, equivalent to 833,333 $LEGION tokens! 💸

Let’s be the first, let’s start the questing journey from $LEGION to growth and rewards together today. Explore the latest quests 🔍, gain rewards, 💰while contributing to Legion’s history and the future of decentralized finance!

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