Radix Empowers Web3 Projects with Token Trek, the First Platform Powered by Dmany Social Infrastructure - Dmany
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Radix Empowers Web3 Projects with Token Trek, the First Platform Powered by Dmany Social Infrastructure

Dmany is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Radix, a leader in blockchain innovation that’s revolutionizing the industry. This partnership marks a significant achievement in Dmany’s mission to transform social infrastructure into a powerful asset for Web3 projects.

Radix DLT

Radix’s innovative approach is renowned for its scalable blockchain ecosystem, featuring user-friendliness for all, human-readable transactions, robust security features, and unmatched speed! 

The Radix Engine offers simplicity and a remarkable throughput of over 1 million transactions per second along with security features positioning it as a mainstream solution.

Token Trek for Community Engagement within the Radix Ecosystem 

As part of our partnership with Radix, Dmany has built Token Trek, a White Label platform tailored for the most innovative Web3 projects within the Radix ecosystem. So far, 19 out of 60 projects have already kickstarted their growth journeys with us, enhancing community engagement and advancing development.

Dmany Social Infrastructure is designed to transform communities into thriving economies.

By harnessing the power of Token Trek, these innovative projects can create a powerful synergy that surpasses individual capabilities and enhances the best of Radix’s blockchain potential, contributing to its ongoing development. 🚀 

Partnership with Radix DLT: Bridging DeFi Technology and Community

This partnership extends beyond technology — it forges a community. Radix has chosen Dmany as the community-building platform for its entire ecosystem, which includes over 60 projects. 

While Radix advances transactional finance and next-generation DeFi systems, Dmany reinvents infrastructure, enabling communities to function as robust, decentralized entities.

This partnership plays a crucial role in uniting people and encouraging their participation in shaping the decentralized future. 
 Support the projects on Token Trek, connect with Dmany, and become part of a community that’s making real changes in the blockchain world!

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