Dmany Forms Strategic Partnership with SingularityDAO to Innovate Social Engagement Using AI and DeFi - Dmany
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Dmany Forms Strategic Partnership with SingularityDAO to Innovate Social Engagement Using AI and DeFi

We are excited to announce entering into the partnership with Singularity DAO, the leading  platform that brings DeFi and AI together to enhance the utility-token ecosystems and support the growth of top decentralized technologies and social innovations.

🤝 By partnering with SingularityDAO, we share a commitment to driving sustainable growth and deeper engagement within the blockchain community. This partnership offers Dmany a fantastic chance to gain invaluable insights, embrace new technologies, and more smoothly transform project communities into thriving economies through our enhanced Social Infrastructure.

SingularityDAO stands out in the crypto asset management field with its AI-driven strategies, designed to perform well across all market conditions. It prioritizes secure, efficient, and automated asset management by utilizing data-driven insights and strong risk management practices to benefit its users.

🌱 The dynamic ecosystem of SingularityDAO nurtures individuals and Web3.0 projects, promoting growth and innovation in the digital asset arena through its extensive incubation program. From initial concept to market launch and beyond, SingularityDAO is dedicated to supporting promising ventures and advancing the decentralized finance sector.

As part of this partnership, SingularityDAO will apply its deep DeFi expertise to boost Dmany’s mission of uniting Web3 projects with enthusiastic communities. We aim to elevate community engagement, creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial model for projects and their contributors.

Mario Casiraghi, CFO of SingularityDAO, states: “SingularityDAO’s vision is to catalyze the growth of innovative projects in the DeFi and Web3 spaces. Partnering with Dmany presents an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of community engagement and collaborative growth.”

Stanislav Stolberg, CEO of Dmany, says: “we’re dedicated to nurturing a robust ecosystem where community actions drive real-world project success. Our collaboration with SingularityDAO will significantly enhance our platform’s outreach and effectiveness.”

We are immensely grateful to SingularityDAO for this opportunity to enhance our technological capabilities and expertise, bringing us closer to realizing the full potential of decentralized marketing.

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