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Token Trek is The First Platform Powered by Dmany Social Infrastructure

We are glad to make Token Trek live, the White Label Platform developed for Radix Ecosystem, which makes a significant milestone for Dmany as a Social Infrastructure Provider. It will allow Radix to strengthen the whole Radix ecosystem and help each its member to grow together with Radix.  

๐Ÿ†Why Radix?

Choosing Radix as a strategic partner was a no-brainer for Dmany team. Known for its user-friendly, scalable blockchain ecosystem, Radix stands out for its clear transactions and strong security protocols, all while handling over 1 million transactions per second with ease.

Radix’s advanced technology makes it the perfect partner for Dmany. Their capabilities align with our goal to transform how communities engage and participate in the Web3 era.

PR Highlights about TokenTrek and Dmany:

Introducing Token Trek 

The collaboration has birthed a white-label platform, Token Trek, designed to support the most innovative Web3 projects from the Radix ecosystem, counting more than 60 projects. To date, 19 of them have launched their quest campaigns on Token Trek, a platform running on Radix & powered by Dmany.

Here’s a little insider tip: On Token Trek, you’ll find exciting quests from projects such as CaviarNine, Defi Plaza, Ociswap, HUG, the WAY, and more, all ready for your unique skills and creative ideas.

๐Ÿ” Features and Future Plans on Token Trek

Token Trek is more than just a launch platform; it’s a full ecosystem designed to support the growth of innovative projects and make the questing experience more joyful. So, what benefits has our partnership with Radix brought to our valued communities? 

Here are some standout updates that everyone has been waiting for:

  • On-chain validations allow projects to reward their communities for their loyalty and according to their on-chain behavior, as well as to design marketing campaigns to incentivize their followers to strengthen the whole Radix ecosystem and each project in particular.
  • Automatic Reward Payout allows contributors to claim their rewards directly from the project once a quest is completed on the one side. This streamlines the rewards distribution process and reduces the need for manual intervention by project teams, on the other side.
  • Social API allows to validate off-chain support of the communities, in particular on social media platforms.

๐ŸŒฑ Dmany as a Social Infrastructure Provider 

Token Trek is a comprehensive platform, built to meet the needs and ensure the success of the Radix ecosystem. We are proud of our partnership and the achievement of this grand milestone.ย 

Looking ahead, Dmany is planning to grow its services as a SocialFi Infrastructure Provider for other L1/L2, Launchpads, and many more.

As Radix advances the world of transactional finance and DeFi systems, Dmany has emerged to provide an overarching comprehensive marketing tool for projects to build their communities of supporters and advocates.

๐ŸŒ Contribute to Revolution on Token Trek!

We’re at a crucial point where technology and community come together. Get involved with the innovative projects on Token Trek, connect with Dmany, and see how you can contribute to this exciting new era in blockchain technology!

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