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Dmany – your Social Infrastructure Provider

Dmany’s infrastructure leverages decentralized marketing and gamified quests, boosting community engagement and enhancing ecosystem growth powering platforms like, and Jellyverse Community.

Community engagement is pivotal for the growth and sustainability of blockchain projects. However, many projects struggle with generating meaningful interaction and engagement with the Web3 community, combating fake engagement from bots and managing high customer acquisition costs. 
The blockchain sector requires effective solutions to ensure authentic participation, enhance user education and foster genuine community bonds. Dmany, a social infrastructure provider, offers solutions that transform passive followers into active brand advocates within chosen blockchain ecosystems.

Dmany offers highly customizable community platforms, that meet the specific needs and branding of projects. Source: Dmany

Providing custom white-label platforms, Dmany enables communities to engage in gamified tasks that foster education, loyalty and ambassadorship. The platform’s approach leverages decentralized marketing and narrative-driven quests to drive social proof and organic growth, where communities create videos, articles, infographics, memes and other formats of content for the projects.

Boosting ecosystem activity

A recent highlight in Dmany’s portfolio is, a dedicated white-label community platform for the Radix ecosystem — a layer 1 smart contract platform. Since its launch, has significantly boosted Radix’s engagement metrics, increasing daily transaction volumes from 6,000 to 17,200 within four days.

The dashboard of Source: Dmany

Over 30,000 users have engaged with the platform, contributing more than 52,000 submissions in the first three weeks. The surge in activity demonstrates the platform’s effectiveness in promoting ecosystem projects and enhancing user participation, with 18 projects launching quest campaigns on exemplifies how Dmany’s social infrastructure can transform community engagement into tangible results. By focusing on quality-centric quests that require meaningful content creation, the platform filters out bots to ensure genuine user interactions.

Enhancing DeFi engagement

Jellyverse, a decentralized finance (DeFi) 3.0 platform based on the Sei blockchain, also utilized Dmany’s social infrastructure to achieve a 3.3x increase in click-through rates and a 72% growth in impressions per post. These metrics highlight the platform’s ability to drive brand visibility and user engagement through a narrative-driven, gamified approach.

Using Dmany, Jellyverse achieved over 72% growth in impressions per post. Source: Dmany

Jellyverse’s integration of Dmany illustrates the potential of decentralized, community-driven marketing in the DeFi space. Jellyverse has fostered a more active and loyal user base by making the user journey engaging and educational.

AI-powered solutions for social engagement

Dmany’s success with and Jellyverse is supported by several features designed to address common industry challenges. The platform’s unique anti-bot measures and upcoming artificial intelligence-powered quality validation ensure authentic contributions, enhancing the credibility of community interactions.

The gamified engagement model keeps community members active and drives organic promotion through user-generated content. Dmany’s approach reduces reliance on traditional paid ads, lowering customer acquisition costs and fostering a more genuine connection between projects and their communities.

Additionally, Dmany’s multichain compatibility allows seamless integration across various blockchain ecosystems, broadening its utility and reach.

Dmany ensures an engaged and active community. Source: Dmany

Dmany imagines “a vibrant, decentralized environment where every interaction adds value and drives progress, while every single quest closes the gap between the users and the projects.” The initiative aims to empower communities to drive growth and success through a dynamic social infrastructure framework.

Dmany provides a robust framework for community engagement within blockchain ecosystems. Through platforms like Dmany, TokenTrek and Jellyverse Community, Dmany showcases the potential to increase active engagement, driving growth and enhancing ecosystem interactions.

By turning passive users into active contributors through gamified quests, platforms like Dmany will drive higher transaction volumes and user participation across various blockchain ecosystems. This community-driven approach promises to enhance brand loyalty, reduce marketing costs and create more resilient, interactive ecosystems that thrive on genuine user engagement.
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