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Elja Boom Joins Dmany as Strategic Advisor!

We are excited to announce that Elja Boom is joining Dmany as an advisor! Elja Boom is a passionate blockchain technology expert and certified in the Guinness World Record for Cypress security, programming and drones. 

A computer engineer with a master’s in industrial engineering, Elja Boom is associated with the big guns of the crypto industry, like the CEO of Binance, and has been a part of many projects that have benefited from his critical understanding of the market.🏆 He’s known for his strategies and ideologies that have been widely accepted by top-tier projects across the globe, earning him a spot on Forbes’ 40 Under 40 Blockchain Entrepreneurs in 2022.

In addition to his crypto endeavors, Elja Boom has been involved in initiatives that help educate the masses about the behavior of the crypto market and how to make effective decisions with their crypto holdings. 

🌏 He’s also been a part of projects that help build and open schools in underprivileged parts of Nigeria, helping children pursue their passion for tech and education.

So, in short, Elja Boom is a jack of all trades who has made a significant impact in the crypto world and beyond, all while maintaining an air of mystery and humor.

Elja will support Dmany in enhancing our social infrastructure and driving community growth. His expertise and strategic insights will be invaluable as we continue to empower Web3 projects with strong communities built on Dmany Social Infrastructure.

We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to achieving great milestones together!

Welcome aboard, Elja! 🚀

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