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The Dmany Team: A Symphony of Decentralized Engagement

The Dmany Team: A Symphony of Decentralized Engagement


In the vibrant cosmos of decentralized technology, a new constellation has taken shape – Dmany. This innovative platform is on a mission to democratize project execution and task distribution, creating a new rhythm in the Web3 universe. The maestros conducting this symphony? A team of dedicated professionals, each with their own unique melody, a wealth of experience, and a shared passion for decentralization. Let’s delve into the harmonious ensemble that is the Dmany team.

The Ensemble

The Dmany team is a diverse group of professionals, each playing their own unique part in the symphony of decentralized engagement. At the helm, we have Stanislav Stolberg, our visionary CEO, whose leadership sets the tempo for the entire team. His passion for Web3, digitalization, AI, and IT security is the driving force behind Dmany’s mission.

Playing in harmony with Stanislav, we have Nelson Inno, our CIO. Nelson’s global perspective and innovative mindset add a unique rhythm to our ensemble. His passion for Bitcoin and IT security are the fuel powering Dmany’s journey to become a game-changer in the Web3 space.

Adding to the melody, we have Jakob Martschenko, our CMO. Jakob’s marketing strategies and community-building skills have been instrumental in growing Dmany’s user base and carving out its niche in the Web3 world.

Filip Sokol, our Chief Venture Analyst, brings his analytical prowess and business acumen to the ensemble, adding depth and complexity to our melody. He has a proven track record as a Venture Analyst at CryptoSearchTools and Scaleswap, where he was responsible for the initial selection of crypto projects interested in raising funds.

Mike Barskiy, our Chief Project Manager, is a project prodigy whose rich background in project management and affiliate marketing adds a unique rhythm to our ensemble. His ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in team workflow makes him a key player in Dmany’s journey.

David Markina is the Head of Design at Dmany. He has a creative and innovative approach to design, which is a perfect mix of creativity and coding. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, David has provided branding and web design services to numerous international companies and has built custom media libraries for both private and public entities.

Last but not least, we have Tobias Zeitler, our Community Builder. Tobias’s passion for community building and his unique background in biochemistry add a unique harmony to our ensemble, embodying Dmany’s ethos of democratizing engagement.


The Dmany team is a harmonious ensemble – a diverse group of professionals united by a shared vision to revolutionize the world of Web3 projects through their Decentralized Engagement Platform. This introduction only scratches the surface, as there are more talented individuals in the team who will be introduced soon. As Dmany continues to innovate and grow, this team of maestros is leading the charge, shaping the future of work and reward in the world of Web3.

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