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Just for some background information, we had previously worked with another quest platfrom but were highly dissatisfied with the outcome. We encountered a significant amount of spam, cheat attempts, and very low levels of interaction, quality content and engagement.

However, we are excited to share that Dmany.io has recently launched their unique approach called the "decentralized engagement platform." With this new platform, you will have the opportunity to earn real OCI tokens by carefully reviewing tasks.

This creates a win-win situation, as it not only increases awareness of Radix and Ociswap among more people but also promotes high-quality engagement and content. Additionally, active users in our community can earn XP and OCI, putting them on the leaderboard.

By combining high-quality content with gamified and fun elements, we aim to provide an engaging experience for all participants.

Lukas Steffen
(Co-Founder at Ociswap)


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"I've had the pleasure of exploring numerous community engagement platforms, and it's clear Dmany stands out" ...

Benjamin Rauch
(Co-Initiator Jellyverse)


"Dmany has created a wonderful way to engage and reward our Orion deCEX trading community through their Quests platform." ...



"By adding the Q Protocol into the Dmany community platform , I can confidently say that it has been an incredibly" ...

Florian Drewes
(Global Validator & Infrastructure Lead)