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Why join dmany early?

What is dmany?

Dmany is a platform that employs a novel mechanism to distribute quality work in exchange for rewards, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens. We refer to this mechanism as “Decentralized Engagement”. In essence, it is a system that allows anyone to utilize their talents, contribute to a project by performing value-adding tasks, and in return, earn crypto rewards. Around this concept, we’ve built an entire Decentralized Engagement Platform.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and get involved with your favorite WEB3 projects, earn token rewards, and expand your network of like-minded, extraordinary individuals. The initial tasks you can expect include writing articles, making short videos, designing educational materials such as infographics, creating tutorials to onboard new users, and spreading the word.

Why should I join early?

In short, first-mover advantage. To kickstart Dmany, we’ve gradually begun onboarding the first members to our Discord, adding only a few members each day. The process is as follows:

  • Please click here to fill out the onboarding form. We need to know a bit about you to ensure that you’re up to the task (pun intended!) of leading this work revolution.
  • You’ll be added to the waiting list, which will be organized based on the answers given by each applicant.
  • Once accepted into Dmany’s Discord, you’ll have the chance to build a reputation on Discord which will later be transferred into the decentralized engagement tool. This way, you can earn yourself a headstart. Early members will also have a higher chance of connecting with core team members on a personal level.

As an early contributor and Discord member, you’ll have the opportunity to earn your standing in the community. A better standing in our community (measured in reputation) will grant you access to exclusive tasks which generally offer better rewards.

Joining early, however, is not a guarantee of maintaining a top position. As more individuals join our ranks, the competition will become fierce. Nevertheless, joining early undoubtedly provides a headstart that opens up more opportunities in terms of rewards.

Dmany is an ambition-sensitive, inclusive Decentralized Engagement Platform; we will always value honest work, quality, and involvement over anything else. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to participate in and kickstart massive disruption and innovation in the world, but today might just be that day.

We are the many, we are the change.

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