Sensay is strengthening its community with Dmany🐇: new partnership & quests🔎 await  - Dmany
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Sensay is strengthening its community with Dmany🐇: new partnership & quests🔎 await 

With the partnership with Sensay, the first project at Dmany combining AI and healthcare, we are broadening the spectrum of projects, thus catering to the varied interests of our valued contributors.

🧠 Preserving Memories, Building Legacies

Sensay has been a pioneer in the field of dementia care,  harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create a sanctuary of memories for individuals experiencing memory loss.

Through advanced technology, Sensay recreates lifelike digital replicas that capture the essence of each patient  in a way that preserves their stories, voices, and images , providing solace and connection for both patients and their families. 

🔍 Quests for the Better

🤝 By combining engaging Dmany communities and Sensay’s technologies and expertise, we’re poised to make significant steps towards towards enhancing the lives of those affected by dementia.

We are inviting you to join us on the life-changing journey for many people, by completing engaging and learning quests💰 🔎

🏆Rewards pool

Sensay rewards its community contributors with $SNSY tokens, allocating a substantial reward pool of $5,000 through Dmany! With Dmany’s rapidly growing community, your chances of winning big and catching the eye of a project are higher than ever. 💰

To be a part of a brighter future, get epic rewards for your contributions, start the questing journey here: 👉 Quests

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