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Dmany beta 0.7 – Release Notes

Version: Dmany beta 0.7

Release Date: 30.04.2024

At Dmany, our community and projects are at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, we are constantly improving the Dmany platform to make your questing and rewarding experience better. Today, we’re excited to share with you several key updates we implemented over the last month. Here’s what’s fresh:

📨 Telegram & Discord APIs:

We’ve integrated with Telegram and Discord for smoother community interactions and quest validations.

🎥 Video Explanations for Quests:

Dive into quests with confidence and knowledge using our new video guides, which provide clear explanations.

🛠️ Customizable Platforms & Scalable White-label Solutions for Companies:

Dmany app infrastructure now supports highly customizable and scalable white-label solutions for Web3 projects with the goal of meeting diverse customer needs efficiently.

🔗 On-chain Tasks API:

Set to accelerate the validation of blockchain-interacting quests and thereby improve your platform experience.

🏆 Instant Reward Claims:

Claim your crypto rewards directly on the Dmany app as soon as they become available, avoiding delays and frustrations.

At Dmany, we’re dedicated to making your questing journey more exciting through constant innovation. By continually improving Dmany app, we ensure each interaction is smoother and more rewarding with every update.

Explore these new features at today and let us know how they’re working for you. We are happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the app experience with us.

Sign up now and start exploring—benefit from being an early contributor at! 🚀 

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