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Allocations – The Secret to Major Gains in Crypto

As a contributor at Dmany, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to various projects and gain rewards for your engagement. One such reward is allocations, and today, we’ll explore what they are and how you can benefit from being rewarded with allocations.

❓So, what exactly are allocations?

Allocations are a promise of a web3 project of receiving a token the moment that it is created, commonly referred to as TGE or “Token Generation Event”. Usually, crypto projects offer allocations to web3 enthusiasts who test the project’s products, supported the project in the past, (e.g., participating in the decentralized marketing of the projects through quests), or contributed in other ways, such as inviting others to join the project.

These allocations are special as they allow contributors to hold the tokens from the project from a super early stage. Essentially, it’s an opportunity for you to participate and support a project, giving you the opportunity to be as early as possible. Simply put, in the crypto world, allocations are like getting a piece of the digital pie the moment it comes out of the oven! 🥧

But what does this mean for you as a contributor?

During bull markets, when the market is trending 📈 upwards, cryptocurrencies and tokens from impactful projects can skyrocket in value. When these tokens start to reach out to the market, they become available for purchase and are listed on new exchanges. This natural process of increasing exposure means that the tokens’ value can multiply significantly – sometimes up to a factor of 20x, 100x, or even 500x!

🔍 Now, the challenge lies in finding these promising projects early on. Specifically, finding the best projects by random chance is like trying to find a needle in a haystack or playing the lottery, even more so if you’re not an expert in web3 project research.

However, one thing is certain: participating early in fundamentally strong projects often results in benefiting from the highest of rewards.

The most important question is “How do we find and support promising projects at an early stage?

The answer is simple: You want to find and participate on platforms that offer opportunities to contribute early. The best source of allocations are “decentralized engagement platforms” which have projects offering allocations in exchange for contributions, and web3 acceleration platforms commonly known as “launchpads”.

Your best bet: Dmany🐇

At Dmany, we are scouting for promising projects that have not released a token yet, but which might do so in the near future. As an example, you can participate in the quests of, Dmany customer Legion, a project that gave allocations to all their Legion NFT holders and rewarded their loyalty with allocations for SEI, Celestia, LayerZero, and even though these are just a few of the allocations that their users got, it is still impressive and impactful for anyone’s portfolio.

By participating in quests from projects such as Legion, we can work hard and consider that these projects allow us to get allocations in return. While you should look forward to new potential-allocation projects in the weeks to come, you should also know that joining projects with cool technology that really solves a problem 🛠 and a strong community, such as Ociswap, as a contributor, will also allow you to receive token rewards at special conditions.

Participating in these projects and quests will increase your chances of success in this bull market 💰🚀, while supporting innovative ventures with significant growth potential and having fun.

One of the key benefits of being a Dmany contributor is the risk-free nature of participation: Rather than buying tokens with your money, you invest your skills and time to potentially secure allocations and tokens, offering an exciting alternative to getting crypto rewards!

🏗️ Future Plans with Dmany

In the coming months, we are partnering with a decentralized launchpad to offer you even more opportunities to solve quests and potentially get rewarded 🏆with more token allocations.

Stay tuned for exciting new projects and airdrops for early users in the coming weeks!

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