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Empowering WEB3 projects, to grow their communities, while distributing meaningful rewards via our comprehensive & fair scoring system


I have my own web3 Project

dmany allows web3 projects to optimize all marketing efforts and spending with the power of the "Decentralized Engagement"

We empower
your project by building and upskilling a strong community which:

All in all, we build:
Communities where participants get genuinely invested and build up the projects they love.
Ecosystem that stimulates and rewards quality & loyalty over everything else.

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Our services are suitable for projects at any stage of development, whether the token has already been on the market or it requires DEO launch. Without a proper community support, it is hard to achieve business growth.

Be ready to say goodbye to:
  • Uneducated holders
  • Uncommitted investors
  • Legal uncertainty
  • Chaotic Marketing
  • Unsustainable Growth
  • Scammers
  • Misallocated Spending
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Next-gen Marketing

dmany goes beyond any conventional marketing strategies, ditching annoying Ads for digital amplification of targeted word of mouth.

Super Admin

We defined a new generation of campaign management processes, with seamless task, resources, and contributor profile-management features for maximum quality assurance.

Decision-Ready Data

We meticulously planned the integration and utilization of data across every screen to empower our WEB3 projects with real-time, relevant information for decision-making.


Algorithmic quality validation will be implemented in the pre-validation stage to filter contributions before manual expert reviewing. This efficient deployment will ensure higher scalability.

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If you think dmany has the potential to add value
to your web3 project
Get in touch with us by clicking the button below

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