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What is Dmany?

Crypto enthusiasts see Dmany as a platform where they can find many tasks, here called “Quests”, from amazing web3 projects which want to allow web3 enthusiasts to help them grow. In return, the quest makers, also referred to as “Contributors”, can be rewarded in crypto tokens, allocations, NFTs and other prizes.

In short, Dmany is a platform where you contribute to web3 projects and receive crypto rewards from them.

What is Dmany from the perspective of a company?

Projects understand Dmany as a decentralized engagement platform that revolutionizes community engagement, transforming a project’s marketing budget into a powerhouse of growth. Dmany turns a project’s community into active ambassadors, driving unparalleled engagement and sustainable, long-term success.

The strongest advantage for web3 projects is that at Dmany, projects only spend part of their marketing budget on enthusiasts who truly contribute & add value to the project. All while tracking KPIs & results transparently, and structuring all decentralized marketing activities.

Why was Dmany created?

The Dmany team has been in the web3 world since 2015 and noticed too much spam and too many bots participating in bounty-hunting campaigns. Most of these uncoordinated marketing efforts are full of uninterested and disengaged people who don't care at all about the projects.

We wanted to allow web3 companies to create and grow sustainable communities that will truly add value to them by engaging in qualitative & meaningful tasks.

In return, the contributors have the chance to be rewarded with valuable assets defined by each company such as tokens, NFTs, and allocations from these projects, doing honest quality work, and never having to compete against bots or spammers. This is how Dmany was born.


What are Quests?

Quests are tasks or activities that contributors can do on the Dmany platform to receive rewards.

The activities can range from writing a Twitter/X thread, to designing an infographic or making a meme, creating video tutorials or reviews, writing articles, swapping tokens on the blockchain, or even running your first node.

One you need to know is that there will always be a project that will offer a Quest that is appealing to you and your skills :)

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Which information do Quest thumbnails display?

Quest thumbnails are visual representations with relevant information about each quest.

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Each thumbnail tails you the following:

  1. The name of the project which published the Quest.
  2. The title of the Quest.
  3. Relevant tags for you to know what the Quest is about.
  4. The amount of maximum token rewards that you can get directly from this Quest.
  5. The amount of experience this Quest rewards.
  6. How many days left you have to contribute and submit your application.
  7. A visual representation of showing how much time you have left to do the Quest.
  8. On the left: How many people have submitted the Quest already.
    On the right: The maximum amount of people who can participate in this Quest.
  9. A representation of the Quest as an image so that you can easily remember it.
  10. A star icon that shows that this Quest will be reviewed for quality and will give you a star rating once validated. Hint: These Star-Quest affect your leaderboard standing the most, make sure to put in the proper effort!

What type of Quests are there?

➡️ Simple Quests ✅❌
➡️ Quality Quests ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

➡️ Simple Quests generally offer lower-token or no-token rewards, they can easily be validated as “accepted ✅” or “denied ❌”. These Quests don’t affect your Quality rating, but still provide XP, experience, which helps you be higher on the leaderboard.

Simple Review Example:

A Quest requires you to add a Rabbit to your profile picture for a month and provide evidence. The reviewer will check the evidence and ask themselves “Did this contributor add and keep a Rabbit on her/his/their profile picture for one month?”. The answer will be a simple “Yes/Accepted✅” or “No/Denied❌”.

➡️ Quality Quests usually offer higher token rewards but usually require more effort to complete successfully. This means that you will have to know or learn more about the project, put some of your skills to use, and spend a little bit more time completing the Quests. Quality Quests can be recognized by a little star on the top right of the Quest thumbnail, please refer to point number 10 from the question above, “Which information do Quest thumbnails display?”.

Quality Review Example:

A Quest requires you to make a video explaining how Dmany works and which are the benefits. The reviewer will check the entire video and ask themselves: “Does this video explain Dmany well? Is it explained in a timely manner? Is it entertaining?” and other relevant questions. The reviewer will then assign a star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ appropriate to the video’s quality and the met or unmet requirements.

What type of skills do I need to contribute?

The skills required will depend on each project and their individual Quests. Some projects are more technical than others and will naturally require more technical knowledge to complete the Quests.

However, all projects will eventually have a mix of Quests where you will find some activities which are matching with your own talents. Look forward to quests where you utilize your reading & writing skills, visualization & design skills, narration, singing and talking skills, video production and editing skills, and even your ability to entertain or make others laugh.

At Dmany, the range of Quests will go from technical to social activities, or from formal to relaxed ones too. The only way to find out is to explore some of the Quests yourself and release your inner talent!

Where can I find a tutorial on how to do quests?

Inside the Dmany platform, press on “User Guide” at the bottom left of the page. We will continue adding tips & tutorials over time.

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What happens when I submit?

When you click submit, all of your files and links are sent to each project’s validation team. The team then gets a notification about your submission and then verifies its quality.

Where can I see my submissions?

Inside the Dmany platform, press on “My Quests” to see all submitted Quests. At the moment, it is not possible to edit a submitted/sent Quest unless the validation team asks for a “Change request”.

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What is a Change request?

When a quality validator notices that your Quest is missing something and could be better, then the validator has the option to “Ask for a Change”.

An example: A Quest requires the contributor to create an infographic explaining the benefits of a project and to add the link to the project’s website at the bottom of the infographic. While validating, the reviewer noticed that the infographic is excellent and deserves 5 stars, but the contributor forgot to add the link to the website at the bottom of the image.

Instead of giving 4 stars, the quality reviewer can ask one time for a change, so that the contributor does a small correction. Once the resubmitted Quest is done, the reviewer can recheck the Quest for the change and give the well-deserved 5-star rating to the user.

Please remember that you can only resubmit only once! ⚠️
Second chances don't come so often in life, so try to use each of them.

Can I contribute to Dmany in other ways?

Certainly yes! The easiest way is to tell your friends and other projects about Dmany. You can easily invite them by using the referral system.

Alternatively, you can document big, voluntary contributions to Dmany by reading carefully and submitting a HERO Quest. We will then take a couple of weeks to evaluate your contributions and will find the best way to reward you.

Please keep in mind that the HERO Quest should be only used for rather big contributions, some examples are included inside the Quest’s description.

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How do I invite my friends to Dmany?

Inviting friends is not only easy but rewarding as well. Click “My referrals” on the left menu and copy/paste or share the link directly over social media with your friends. Once they register you will see a pending message at the bottom of this page and if they start doing Quests, then the referral will be properly confirmed and then you will be able to gain a little additional percentage from the Quests that your friends do.

You will get 0.5% of the rewards from any friend whom you invited directly on Dmany. And 0.05% from every person who was invited by the friend you invited.

This extra percentual reward is coming from Dmany’s and or the different project’s budget, not from your friend's rewards. There is no downside to registering at Dmany through someone’s referral link, it is only a way to say “thanks” to them. However, there are only benefits from inviting others to join!

Invite only friends who you think will actively participate on Dmany and the ecosystem projects.

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What is the difference between Dmany Open platform, Whitelabel platform, and Ecosystem platform?

Dmany has 3 types of platforms:

  1. The Dmany open platform, where multiple projects from different blockchains converge in a single place. This is the platform that you can access through our official website.
  2. The Whitelabel platform is a platform owned and managed by a single web3 project. Usually, these projects are bigger and/or well-established, and prefer to keep their communities in a closed environment.
  3. The Ecosystem platform is similar to the Whitelabel platform, with the only difference being that instead of a single project, you have several projects but all of them belong under a single L1 or big L2 blockchain.

You will need a different profile for each Whitelabel and Ecosystem platform. To know if it is a Dmany platform, you can recognize us by checking the “Made with love by Dmany” at the bottom of the website.

A list of all Whitelabel and ecosystem platforms can be found by clicking on “All Projects” and then on “Dmany ecosystem”.

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If you are rather trying to accumulate Bitcoin like one of Dmany’s Co-Founders, then we urge you to visit EarnB.io to check our Bitcoin-only ecosystem platform where you can stack satoshis with every task you do.

Some Quests have a “Visual Example”, what is it?

At Dmany, you will find many Quests that require you to create images, infographics, memes, gifs, or videos. We want you to have a clear idea of what is the quality that a project expects from you. The “Visual Example” should give you a feel and understanding of how the result of your submission should look like.

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Where can I find logos and images to create Dmany content?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the brand guide and open it. You will find all the brand guidelines, as well as an “Access to all Assets” button, where you can click and download whatever content you need.

Alternatively, if you know the brand guidelines already, you can head directly to: brand.dmany.io

Rewards & leaderboard

When do I get my rewards?

Different projects distribute rewards with different frequencies and on different days. The best way to know when the next reward distribution will arrive is to follow each of the projects on social media, such as X/Twitter, Telegram, or Discord.

What are XP, stars, and Rabbit Points?

🔥 XP stands for experience and measures the quantity of work you have done in the platform. You only get experience when you get a Simple Quest “Accepted✅” and where you get two or more stars ⭐⭐ in a Quality Quest. Getting experience is always in absolute terms, this means you even get the full experience or none depending on the validation.

⭐ Stars measure your quality of work and is the most important factor at Dmany. It takes the average of all your submitted Quality/Star Quests and is calculated in a number between 1.0 and 5.0.

🐰 Rabbit Points [RP] is how your contributions at Dmany are calculated. It checks your XP and star rating and weights them, where your experience accounts for 30% of the formula and your quality stars average 70% of the calculation.

In other words: QUALITY is more important than quantity.

Why do Rabbit Points matter?

Rabbit Points will show who is contributing the most in all projects as well as in every individual project. Web3 projects can use the leaderboards to decide whom to reward the most with special prizes such as extra tokens, allocations, NFTs, merch, and more.

Additionally, Dmany suggest projects to allocate passive rewards to the marketing budget which should be distributed according to the leaderboard and the Rabbit Points that influence the ranking positions.

In short, doing Quests can give you rewards associated to each Quest, but being among the best contributors exposes you to more rewarding opportunities.

How does the leaderboard work?

The leaderboard measures the Rabbit Points from all users and uses them to make the ranking. Eventually, RabbitPoints may include other variables in the calculation.

What might that be? 🪙🐇👀

How are Rabbit Points calculated?

The calculation for Rabbit Points is simple and uses the formula below:

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In simple terms, it is possible to see that XP accounts for 30% of all the points. If you are the person with the most experience in the entire platform, you will get the maximum amount of Rabbit Points from the quantity of Quests. This equals to 21000 RP.

Quality is more important than quantity, in fact, quality or your star average rating accounts for 70% of all the Rabbit Points you can get. Having a perfect 5.0 stars score will give you a maximum amount of 49000 RP.

In the end, if you are the absolute best contributor in the platform, your maximum overall score of Rabbit Points can be 70000 RP, and with every new contributor, project, and Quest, that chance of keeping the number 1 spot uncontested gets more challenging. Everyone else will be competing to be as close as possible to the maximum score of 70000 Rabbit Points.

Later in 2024, a new variable will be added to the formula!

How are rewards calculated?

Simple Quests are calculated easily, for example, if the reward is 1 USDT:
The Quest is accepted ✅, the contributor gets 1 USDT
The Quest is denied ❌, the contributor gets no reward.

Star Quests rewards are based on quality. In general, you can easily calculate reward with this table:

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If the maximum reward is 10 USDT and the contributor only gets 3 out of 5 stars, then the reward will only be 3 USDT out of the maximum of 10. It is possible to assume by looking at this table, that the focus on the Dmany platform is on Quality contributions.

At Dmany, higher quality equals higher rewards.

What types of rewards can I get at Dmany?

It depends on each project using Dmany platfrom, but In general, Dmany and the ecosystem projects may offer multiple types of rewards:

  • Tokens
  • NFTs
  • Free Allocations
  • Paid Allocations
  • Stablecoins (Cryptocurrencies based on FIAT, like USDT, USDC, BUSD)
  • Merch (Keychains, T-shirts, Stickers, Hardware Wallets)
  • Access to exclusive content (Access to paid educational content, exclusive Telegram or Discord groups)

There are two ways of getting rewards:

  1. 🎯 Direct Rewards: these are the rewards that you see on the thumbnails from each Quest. If you do the Quest successfully, you will get your reward.
  2. 🪂 Merit Drop: these are Passive Rewards, where a project allocates a separate budget to distribute rewards to the highest ranking on top of the leaderboard. The amount and timing for the Merit Drop is different for each project and can happen at random, announced, unannounced, or at random intervals.
    Your best bet, is to be among the best on the leaderboard!

Additionally to the Merit Drop budget, Dmany suggests projects to re-distribute the unutilized marketing budget and give it to the top performers.

This works as following: if a low-quality contributor gets 3 out of 5 stars in a Quest with a 10 USDT reward, the project will only spend 3 USDT to reward the contributor. We suggest the projects reallocate those 7 USDT from this and all other Quests and reward the people who are on top of the leaderboard, with the rewards out of the missed opportunities from the others.

However, each project can decide on its own how and when to distribute rewards.

What are Loyalty Points?

If you participate and successfully do Quests from the “Dmany ecosystem” project, the second project on the “All Projects” list, and join other platforms, then you will be rewarded with Loyalty points.

Collecting these points will guarantee that you are personally invited to the most exclusive, invite-only platforms from other projects which are working at Dmany. You will have the opportunity to join early and will most likely be selected to test new features at Dmany.

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My time is limited, how do I know which projects and Quests to prioritize?

When starting at Dmany, we recommend you do some of the easiest Quests from the different projects at Dmany. More often than not, these Quests will require you to learn the absolute basics from each of the projects, mostly by reading a bit on the website or checking out a short article.

We will always suggest you work on projects that genuinely interest you. The best way is to do a little bit of your own research, like testing the product or joining the project’s Telegram to see what is going on. You can check out the Quests from others as a start, or go all in into technical analysis, checking the project’s currency charts, market cap, fully diluted valuation, and other basic numbers that might show you a project’s potential.

For Quests, the best results will always come if you dedicate your time to Quests that you feel more comfortable in doing. For example, if you are good a video editing, try to participate in most video-related Quests and you will be more likely to earn more Rewards by keeping to what you can do best. However, Dmany and all the projects on the platform will offer you countless opportunities to discover new talents and upskill the rusty ones. We encourage you to try new things out until you find the most rewarding Quests for yourself.

What are good examples of 5-star content?

Soon we will add a “Hall of Fame” section on the Dmany platform, showing the best 5-star quality contributions from everyone who is supporting web3 projects at Dmany.


My Quest displays an “Error Wallet” after being reviewed, what should I do?

Open your profile by pressing on the top right of the platform on your Username. Here you will find the option to connect or add your wallet for the different blockchains and projects inside Dmany.

I’m not getting any emails from Dmany, how do I fix it?

Open your profile by pressing on the top right of the platform on your Username. You will find an option to add your email for Quest notifications next to the wallets.

What do I do if I think my quest submission hasn’t been properly reviewed?

You can reply to the Quest notification email and we will proceed to contact the relevant project to check manually for your submission.

What do I do if someone copies my work or if I catch someone cheating?

Please send us an email to [email protected] with evidence or contact us through our support Telegram group. You can find the group by clicking on “Support” at the bottom left of the Dmany platform. Cheaters will be strongly punished at Dmany, and they risk being permanently banned from the platform, and missing any upcoming rewards.

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How can I reset my password?

On the login page, please press the “Forgot Password” button and follow the instructions.

My crypto wallet has been compromised, what should I do?

Create a new wallet using another non-compromised device (smartphone/pc/hardware) and transfer your funds as soon as possible. Dmany cannot help you retrieve your wallet’s funds if they are stolen if you are hacked, or if your private keys are compromised.

To continue getting rewards at Dmany, we advise you to update your new wallets as soon as possible so that no future rewards land in your old, compromised wallet.

Please, practice precaution by not connecting your wallet to a dubious website, and by not interacting with tokens or NFTs that you received from unknown people. Generally, try to use different wallets when interacting with smart contracts on new websites.

We hope that by learning more at Dmany, you will be able to better protect yourself against malicious people in the world of web3.

I lost the private keys to my wallet where I had all my Dmany rewards, can I recover my tokens??

If you lost your private keys but still have access to your wallet, please proceed to create a new wallet and make sure to store your private keys safely this time. In case you lost access to your wallet and your private keys, there is absolutely no way for Dmany to help you recover your lost assets. Please practice precautionary measures when storing your private keys.

To continue getting rewards at Dmany, we advise you to update your new wallets as soon as possible so that no future rewards land in your old, unaccessible wallet.

How do I report a bug?

On the right side of your screen, press on the red “Give feedback”button and follow the steps.

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I can’t click to Submit a Quest

There are a few reasons why you can’t submit a Quest. The most frequent reasons are:

  • The Quest is already closed or expired.
  • The Quest has reached is maximum number of participants.
  • You have reached your individual maximum number of submissions for the Quest.
  • There are still some incomplete steps on the Quests, for example, missing uploading evidence, URL links or not having done Twitter/X activity checks.
  • A new update was deployed on Dmany while you were uploading your submission. Please refresh the page and try again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

When uploading content, please always wait a few seconds before continuing, uploading images and videos on the Dmany platform might take from a few seconds to a few minutes. You can usually see a blue progress bar on the top. You will know that your file has been uploaded once there is a short description of the file’s name showing next to the upload button.

My friend registered through my referral link but the status says “Pending”, why?

This means that your friend has successfully registered at Dmany through your link, but they need to complete and get the first Quest accepted to get the “Confirmed” status.

When I go to “My referrals” the platform tells me to Signup/Login but I am already logged in, what do I do?

Please try reloading the page or clicking on another page on the menu on the left. In the worst case, you can logout by clicking on your Username on the top right and the Logout button, and then login again. Please let us know if you ever experience this bug.

I can’t register at Dmany, what do I do?

Please send us an email to [email protected] or join our official Support Telegram group to ask for help.

My question is not listed here, where can I submit a new FAQ?

We are looking forward to any suggestions for our FAQ, please send us an email to [email protected] and tell us which question we should add to our FAQ.