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Dmany, an acronym for "Decentralized Many", draws inspiration from the symbolism of the rabbit, a creature renowned for its intelligence, adaptability, and prolific breeding.
This metaphorical representation aligns perfectly with Dmany's core values - fostering a collaborative community driven by innovation and growth.

Simetry & Proportions
It's all about simetry, so according to the following formula
dmany = 5 Characters * 3 founders 5 * 3 = 15
We turned the shape from 0º to 15º degrees in the clock needles sense.
In order to be fully consistent, we calculated the following sizes to fit in each rounded corner:
30º · 15º · 7,5º · 3,75º · 1,875º · 10º
Security Margins
security margins logo
Main Compositions
Primary Colors
Together with white (#FFF), blue is the core of the brand. Providing trust, reliability and innovation feeling.
Secondary Colors
Secondary colors are generally used in some situations where something needs to standout, emphasise some part or simply to introduce a subtle detail. In the case of the blue ocean, is generally used for body text.
We use Gilroy as corporate font
for many reasons:
Gilroy Light
Gilroy Regular
Gilroy Medium
Gilroy Extrabold
Gilroy adapts to headings, text, UI elements, and multiple styles. Has crisp lines and open forms for clear reading even at small sizes. Is composed by geometric shapes and neutral stroke exude a sleek, contemporary feel. Has a very solid foundation for typography, allowing other design elements to shine.
We love turning communities on
To active ambassadors!
Achieving sustainability and long term success.

transform dmany

is Powerful

Masterfully blended blue and golden yellow hues can evoke feelings of confidence, authority, and optimism, imbuing a brand with a powerful presence.

means Innovation

The white and blue hues capture the innovative spirit of dmany, symbolizing creativity, science, innovation, and limitless possibilities.

transform dmany

transform dmany

is Charming

We have created a world where low-poly graphics and assets seamlessly blend with this futuristic metropolis, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for the Dmany journey. Here, charming and lovable technified characters come to life.